Benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Treatment

Benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Treatment

Dec 16, 2020

Most cervical chiropractic treatment patients come to the Nexus Chiropractic treatment office due to injuries related to the neck or back and spine. When they check in, they already have a positive view of the chiropractor and know that he is set to deliver positive results at the end of the treatment.

Upper cervical chiropractic treatment of Tyrone, GA, focuses on the atlas and axis, the two vertebrae responsible for 50% of your head and neck movements. These vertebrae are also the passageways that control nerves connecting the head and all nerves that connect the entire body to the brain.

Note that the axis and atlas are two of the spinal structures most prone to misalignments due to the continuous movements. When affected, they can cause severe neck hampering, a significant degree of motion, cause neurological dysfunctions, and will even attract various chronic illnesses with time.

Therefore, treatment of these special vertebrae has a positive impact on the neck and spine area and the whole body. Here are eight benefits that come about with upper cervical chiropractic treatment of Tyrone, GA.

Improved Moods

The fact that a chiropractor can improve your mood might sound funny. However, research indicates that chiropractic treatment causes hormonal balance, making the patient generally happy. It’s achieved by a decrease of bad hormones like cortisol and increasing dopamine and norepinephrine. This has a significant impact on the brain functioning how an individual feels.

It explains why people suffering from depression achieve remarkable results after a chiropractic treatment.

Better Sleep

Study shows that 62% of Americans suffer fewer sleep hours and chronic sleeping disorders due to chiropractic problems. Upper cervical treatment has been proved as a good remedy for improving sleep, mutually in grownups and children.

Have More Energy

Professional reviews indicate that people under continuous chiropractic treatment already notice its positive impacts. Generally, they have more energy and minimal fatigue while working.

You will get overwhelmed by all the testimonials on the internet, indicating how patients have more energy after undergoing chiropractic therapy.

Improved Heart Health

A study by the Journal of Manipulative and Psychological Therapeutics showed that certain patients recorded a lower heart rate after a chiropractic treatment.

Visit a chiropractor near you if you suffer from high blood pressure or have other heart-related issues for upper cervical chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is also recommended as a supplement treatment in their health regime for people with hypertension and other heart-related disorders.

Increased Balance

Your balance is maintained by your inner ear. When the spine is misaligned, especially the top cervical vertebrae, it means that your head is not well-positioned. Even a slight spinal misalignment can cause mispositioning of the head. This alters the interpretation of the inner ear, which causes body imbalance.

Therefore, correcting the spine misalignment restores the issue and gets rid of any dizziness and subsequent vertigo.

Better Digestive Health

The central nervous system pedals many body processes, including digestion. Nerves that aid digestion are located near the middle and lower back. If pressure occurs in these areas, it can alter the digestive process causing side effects like irritating bowel syndrome, upset stomach, sensitivity to food, etc. Visit a chiropractor near you for relief if you experience some digestive problems.

Reproductive Health Benefits

Trouble conceiving can be associated with issues entailing the central nervous system since this is the body system that controls all communication between other body parts and the brain.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic care aims at eliminating interference with the nervous system for it to function properly. The American Pregnancy Association advocates chiropractic care to treat fertility issues.

Additionally, when you are pregnant, it’s advisable to continue with chiropractic care for the next 40 weeks. It can minimize the back pain caused by pregnancy and even make child delivery a bit smoother.

You Avoid Drugs and Hospitals

About 4.5 million Americans visit an emergency room yearly due to adverse side effects of prescription medications. Chiropractic care solves your medical conditions without using any drugs, which reduces pharmaceutical costs by up to 51.8%.

Fewer Colds and Flu

Your body immune system has a better chance to fight off diseases and infections when the central nervous system is properly functioning. A particular study showed that continued chiropractic care increased the strength of an individual’s immune system by up to 200%. It means that you will have infrequent colds and flus since your body can fight off infections more effectively.

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