Types of Chiropractic Treatments and Adjustments Techniques

Types of Chiropractic Treatments and Adjustments Techniques

Feb 01, 2022

Chiropractic treatments are manual therapies used to relieve pressure in joints to improve the spinal range f movement. Chiropractors at Nexus Chiropractic practice different techniques and treatments aimed at specific conditions. They do not use any medications, so the body heals by itself.

Spinal manipulation techniques are in the hundreds, some of which are gentle, while others involve applying sudden force to the spinal joints. Here is an overview of the best chiropractic adjustment techniques near you.

Gonstead Adjustment

It’s among the most common techniques the chiropractor near you uses or spinal alignment. Interestingly, earlier in their learning days, students are taught this technique as a start. It’s a handy process that diagnoses and addresses the problem in the most specific way possible.

During this procedure, your chiropractor analyzes the spine thoroughly and aligns it accordingly through painless and precise adjustments. The aim is to minimize pain and inflammation.

Gonstead adjustment is particularly designed for spine-related problems and ensures quick recovery with minimal risk to the patient. It’s effective for fixing chronic back pain and interferences with the nervous system to maintain optimal health.

Activator Treatment

The chiropractor near you uses a hand-held mechanical tool called an Activator. The activator treats the spinal vertebral segments using a calm, impulsive force to restore motion to a battered spinal vertebra or joint.

Misalignment of a vertebral joint intrudes the space meant for blood flow and the nerves causing pain and numbness. Thus, the activator works by pushing it back into its initial alignment, preventing supplementary injury. It produces a light and comfortable thumping sensation.

The advantage of this technique is that the instrument provides the required result before tensing up the muscles to resist treatment. Chiropractors commonly use the activator treatment to treat conditions like migraines, neck and lower back pain and are excellent for adults

Diversified Technique

It’s a highly recommended chiro care technique called the direct thrust method. The chiropractor uses their hand to issue direct thrusts on different parts of the spine. It aims to relieve tension around the affected areas allowing for smooth, fluid flow and circulation while aligning the spine.

This treatment produces a cracking sound from the escaping gas released as the joint gets pushed past its motion range. Chiropractors mainly use this technique for patients with lumbar disk herniation causing neck and back pains, migraines, stroke, and awry bones and joints.

Results are instant, but this technique is considered riskier than other adjustment techniques due to the high force.

Soft Tissue Therapy

It’s a complex clinical massage focusing on soft body tissues, including the muscles, tendons, joints, and other connective tissues. The chiropractor near you uses various techniques and tools for the process. This therapy aims to release toxins from the soft tissues for better blood flow and circulation and can relieve discomfort caused by stress and chronic pain.

This technique is mainly beneficial to people involved in strenuous activities like sports or tedious work. The soft tissue technique relieves tension while increasing general wellbeing. It also boosts muscle flexibility and mobility and reduces the risk of injury by creating muscular balance.

Flexion Distraction Technique

It involves gentle force and safe chiropractic methods to remove pressure off the spinal nerves that could be hurt or dysfunctional. It’s a highly recommended chiro care for spinal manipulation and is completed on a segmented flexible table that moves during the process.

Flexion-distraction non-surgically corrects disc bulges and herniations. Its benefits are increasing spine movement in the discs and joints. It also helps treat various other conditions, including low back pain, spinal sprains, strains, arthritis, scoliosis, injury to the lumbar disc, and more.

Thompson Technique

The Thompson Technique is full sine adjustment, also called the drop method. It utilizes a unique treatment table with drop mechanisms that offer low amplitude, high speed, and minimal force adjustments. The table makes slight drops with every spinal thrust from the doctor.

The results are increased stability and comfort and minimal force adjustments. The patient feels calm, warm sensations flowing to different body parts, and it also encourages the doctor’s clinical longevity in the manipulation process. This technique helps reduce stress, improve body function, pain relief, and better sleep.

Logan-Basic Techniques

It involves the application of pressure on specific spots of the sacral bone, the reason why it’s called basic. Here, the chiropractor emphasizes holding force at the spine’s base while massaging back muscles to ease tension, treating the pelvic muscles while realigning the spinal vertebrae.

The technique steadies the whole spine, releases tension, and cures headaches, migraines, and stress. This technique is gentle enough to be used on toddlers and infants.

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