Fun Facts

Did you know the first adjustment was performed in 1895 (September 15th) by Daniel David Palmer in Davenport, Iowa?

The first Chiropractic patient was Harvey Lillard. Chiropractic helped restore his lost hearing.

The name Chiropractic when broken down means done by hand, formed from 2 Grecian words: cheir (hand) and praktos (done).

If you see a Chiropractor for a back injury first you are 28 times less likely to have to undergo spinal surgery. It has been proven to more effective than any other treatment modality. Chiropractic care is 40% more effective than medical care in treating low back pain.

Chiropractors treat more than 35 million Americans annually.

Visiting a Chiropractor regularly reduces your pharmaceutical cost by 85%. Also seeing a Chiropractor reduces the likelihood of you having to visit a hospital by 60%.

Chiropractors need to complete a minimum of 4200 hours of classroom, lab and clinical internships during a 4-year doctoral program in order to be eligible to sit for boards and get licensed. Yearly continuing education is required to maintain licensure.

Replacing doctor visits with Chiropractic visits for back pain can save Medicare $83.5 million annually.

There are more than 70,000 registered Chiropractors in the US.

Chiropractic Care has a much lower injury rate than general primary care for patients aged over 66.

77% of people who receive Chiropractic care describe it as very effective.

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