At Nexus Chiropractic, we’re committed to providing the chiropractic care you need when you need it. Regular chiropractic assessments and adjustments empower you to live a healthier, pain-free, and productive life. Whether you’ve been struggling with chronic pain or have recently sustained an injury, Nexus Chiropractic can guide you on the path to healing and holistic wellness.

We have carefully designed exciting Membership package plans to allow you and your whole family to access quality and affordable chiropractic care all year round.

Flexible Payment Options

You may opt at each visit to pay full fee ($70.00) for your adjustments and all other services, or you may choose one of our Membership Package Plans.

  • All “clear” visits (i.e., leg check with no adjustment needed that day) are $15.00 each and are payable at the time of the visit. Clear visits are NOT INCLUDED in the Membership Package Plans.
  • Children 12 and under will get two adjustments for the price of one, after they have had their initial evaluation.

Bronze Package


  • Pay for 12 adjustments in advance and receive a 5% Discount on each adjustment.
  • You Receive: 12 adjustment @ $66.50 each; 1 PA ($50) and 12 Therapies ($120) Total Saved = $212; Total Due = $798.00
  • 1 Progress Assessment at $50
  • 12 Therapies for $120
  • This comes to a total cost of $798.00 which translates into savings of $212
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Silver Package


  • Our Silver Package allows you to pay for 25 adjustments in advance and receive a 10% Discount on each adjustment.
  • You Receive: 25 adjustments @ $63.00 each; 2 PA’s ($100) and 25 Therapies ($250) Total Saved: $525; Total Due = $1575.00
  • 2 Progress Assessments for $100
  • 25 Therapies at a total cost of $250
  • Your total expenditure for the Silver Package comes to $1575.00 with an impressive savings amount of $525
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Gold Package


  • Pay for 50 adjustments in advance and receive a 20% Discount on each adjustment.
  • You Receive: 50 adjustments @ $56.00 each; 4 PA’s ($200) and 50 Therapies ($500) Total Saved: $1400; Total Due = $2,800.00
  • 4 Progress Assessments for $200
  • 50 therapies at a combined cost of $500
  • The total cost comes to $2,800.00 which translates into mega savings of $1400
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Additional Benefits of Membership Package Plans

  • Any existing practice member in your family under the age of 65 may use the adjustments in your plan.
  • No expiration date on adjustments purchased.
  • Adjustment fee increases do not apply to adjustments already purchased.
  • You may give your adjustments to anyone else with the understanding that all new practice members must undergo an initial exam and x-rays. (Not Included)

Terms and Conditions

  • Membership Package Plans may be purchased using cash, check, credit/debit card.
  • I hereby agree to pay for all “clear” visits at the time of the visit ($15.00 each).
  • In the event of relocation, death, or any other event Nexus Chiropractic herby agrees to refund any unused adjustments at the price in which they were purchased.
  • It is hereby understood that if I discontinue care for any reason other than death or moving out of the area, then all Membership that have been received are null and void. All services received will be reassessed at the regular (non-Membershiped) rate. Once the charges have been corrected, any monies I owe to Nexus Chiropractic will be paid within ten (10) business days upon notification of the balance due.  If a credit balance remains, Nexus Chiropractic agrees to refund the full amount of the credit to me within Ten (10) business days.
  • I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed above.