Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements in Tyrone, GA

Nutrition forms a critical component of your well-being. You are indeed what you eat, and you must ensure that what you put inside your body nourishes and regenerates it. For optimal health, you must consume a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, and everything else that your body needs. The food we eat contains some of these nutrients. Unfortunately, the quantity of nutrients found in our everyday meals may not meet our bodies’ requirements. That’s where nutritional supplements come in.

Nutritional Supplements in Tyrone, GA


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If you’re coming in for chiropractic care at Nexus Chiropractic, our chiropractor will go beyond the chiropractic adjustments and advise you on matters of nutrition. Chiropractic adjustments get your body started on the path towards healing. For best results, it’s crucial to ensure that you give your body the right nutrients to sustain the healing process.

Benefits of Nutritional Supplements

If you’re always experiencing pains and aches, your body may be lacking some vital nutrients. For example, musculoskeletal pain may be indicative of vitamin D deficiency. Nutritional or dietary supplements ensure that your body gets the right amounts of nutrients, even if these are not available in your daily meals.

Some of the most popular nutritional supplements include calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, omega-3, iron, among others. These boost overall health by ensuring your body has the right ingredients to manufacture what it needs as well as to drive various biological or physiological processes.

What to Expect

Here at Nexus Chiropractic, we want you to achieve wellness by meeting and addressing all your body’s needs. During your appointment, our chiropractor will begin your treatment session by performing a thorough consultation and evaluation. Usually, our patients start to experience relief after a single treatment session. However, for best results, we typically recommend multiple visits, especially for patients who are struggling with long-standing pain.

Our chiropractor in Tyrone, GA, will also recommend the best nutritional supplements that will boost your body’s well-being and help your body renew itself from the inside-out.

Months or years of dealing with pain can adversely affect your well-being as well as your quality of life. If you have been experiencing chronic pain, be it back pain, facial pain, migraines, or neck pain, our chiropractor is here to help.

Contact Nexus Chiropractic today to get excellent and personalized chiropractic care as well as nutritional supplements in Tyrone, GA.


What Are Considered Nutritional Supplements?

Nutritional supplements are products that aid the diet, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs.

What Are 6 Different Types Of Nutritional Supplements?

The different types of supplements are: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs, and live microbials. Chat with Nexus Chiropractic about the different types of supplements they offer to determine if any are right for you.

Why Should I Use Nutritional Supplements?

Nutritional supplements allow us to give our bodies the nutrients needed to be well.

The foods we're eating nowadays are of an inferior quality compared to before — the very soil our food is grown in has been depleted. The overall quality of our food chain has degraded so much that nutritional supplements are no longer an option.

What Is The Role Of Diet And Nutritional Supplements During COVID-19?

If our immune system is working adequately, it will do what it needs to fight foreign invaders. Our body must be an inopportune host to bacteria and viruses, not just COVID-19.

Because we are what we eat, our body assimilates what we consume. A good diet and nutritional supplements allow you to give your body the nutrients it needs to be well.

Can Nutritional Supplements Improves Heart Health?

If there are deficiencies causing issues with heart health, then yes, heart health can improve with supplementation.

Do Nutritional Supplements Replace the Nutrients Your Medication Depletes?

Taking medicines alters your biochemistry, which changes the internal environment of your body. Supplements are needed when taking certain medications to help maintain this internal environment.

For example, it is known that statin drugs deplete CoQ10, and supplementation may be needed. All drug interactions and supplement needs should be discussed with your primary care doctor and pharmacist.

Which is the Healthiest Supplement to Take?

Everyone needs to at least take a good quality daily multivitamin.

Can I Take Supplements on My Own, Without a Doctor?

Yes, supplements are available over the counter without consulting a doctor. Nexus Chiropractic carries supplements as well — stop in and have a chat with Dr. Desai about the supplements available for purchase.

What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor About Taking Supplements?

You want to consult a professional to see what area(s) of your body need nutritional support, and if there are any side effects from any medications you are currently taking.

Are All Supplements Tested To Make Sure They're Safe And Effective?
How Can I Tell Whether I'm Getting A Good-Quality Supplement?

Not all supplements are created equal. Cheaper doesn’t always translate to good. Often times, it’s best to get supplements that are only available through practitioners since the supplements offered by practitioners typically have better quality control and testing processes.

How Do I Know Whether a Supplement's Claims Are True or False?

Looking at the background of the company is the best way to determine quality and efficacy of the product that you are buying.

Does the FDA Regulate Supplements?

The FDA does not formally regulate supplements.

What Should I Do if I Have a Side Effect from a Supplement?

If you have a side effect from taking a supplement, immediately stop taking the supplement and talk to your doctor. Go back to where you bought the supplement from.

What Is the Most Important Nutrient?

The most important nutrient is going to vary from person to person depending on what individual needs. Some nutrients that should be included daily and are available as a nutrient from Nexus Chiropractic are a multivitamin, B complex, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Omegas.

What Should I Hope After Taking Nutritional Supplements?

It takes about 30 days or so to see a difference after beginning a supplement regimen. You are supporting your body to function better. Discuss your goals with Dr. Desai at Nexus Chiropractic to see which supplements may be right for you.

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