Skip the Worst Parts of Your Commute

Skip the Worst Parts of Your Commute

The stress of your job and the daily commute takes a toll on your back, neck, and shoulders. Sitting in an office all day is a common cause of back pain for working professionals, and the commute to and from work only further exacerbates the pain. Our friendly, experienced chiropractor near you can help ease discomfort from a long week at work with regular adjustments.

Skip the Worst Parts of Your Commute

How Chiropractic Treatments Can Help

Office workers routinely put stress on their bodies from long hours sitting down in front of a computer with poor posture. Discomfort in the shoulders, lower back, and hips are common symptoms of a long daily commute and working in an office setting. Our chiropractic clinic near you has flexible hours that work around your schedule. Weekly or biweekly treatments can be a powerful tool for combating stiffness, pain, and misalignment from sitting in an office chair and taking the long daily commute to work.

Modern workers spend hours hunched over a computer at a time, which can cause spine misalignment. The tension on the spine then leads to further problems with the nervous system, such as chronic pain and tingling. Symptoms of spinal problems from poor posture include everything from headaches to loss of functionality of the shoulders. Chiropractic alignments relieve pressure from the spine and promote better posture.

Weekly or Biweekly Adjustments

To correct misalignment and poor posture, our local chiropractor will manually realign the vertebrae of the spine to their natural, healthy position. These alignments are not painful, and many people enjoy how they feel during and after the session. In addition to aligning the spine, our chiropractor will also introduce you to a regimen of stretches and exercises that will keep the spine aligned and correct your posture over time.

We understand the demanding working hours and commute time of modern workers, which is why we made sure that our hours are flexible enough for anyone to fit chiropractic treatments into their schedule. On Wednesdays, we are open until 6 PM, so you can stop in after work for your weekly alignments. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, our clinic opens at 8 AM for early risers. We also have appointment slots open on Saturday for M-F workers.

Membership Plans

Bronze Package


  • Pay for 12 adjustments in advance and receive a 5% Discount on each adjustment.
  • You Receive: 12 adjustment @ $66.50 each; 1 PA ($50) and 12 Therapies ($120) Total Saved = $212; Total Due = $798.00
  • 1 Progress Assessment at $50
  • 12 Therapies for $120
  • This comes to a total cost of $798.00 which translates into savings of $212
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Silver Package


  • Our Silver Package allows you to pay for 25 adjustments in advance and receive a 10% Discount on each adjustment.
  • You Receive: 25 adjustments @ $63.00 each; 2 PA’s ($100) and 25 Therapies ($250) Total Saved: $525; Total Due = $1575.00
  • 2 Progress Assessments for $100
  • 25 Therapies at a total cost of $250
  • Your total expenditure for the Silver Package comes to $1575.00 with an impressive savings amount of $525
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Gold Package


  • Pay for 50 adjustments in advance and receive a 20% Discount on each adjustment.
  • You Receive: 50 adjustments @ $56.00 each; 4 PA’s ($200) and 50 Therapies ($500) Total Saved: $1400; Total Due = $2,800.00
  • 4 Progress Assessments for $200
  • 50 therapies at a combined cost of $500
  • The total cost comes to $2,800.00 which translates into mega savings of $1400
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