Supportive Products

Supportive Products in Tyrone, GA

When you walk into Nexus Chiropractic for the first time, you become a part of our family. Your comfort and wellness become our primary priorities, and we don’t stop until you have achieved complete well-being. Throughout your treatment period, our chiropractor in Tyrone, GA, may suggest different chiropractic support products to ease your pain and promote the healing process. These products are designed to provide the right support to your body as it undergoes the healing and rehabilitation process.

Supportive Products in Tyrone, GA

What to Expect

All our treatment sessions are preceded by thorough evaluations, during which our chiropractor near you focuses on identifying your needs and the underlying sources of pain. We tailor our chiropractic adjustments to meet your unique needs, whatever those may be.

We utilize our chiropractic support products to supplement in-office chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic support products help to maintain your improvement as well as prevent reoccurrence of pain and other issues.

Our Chiropractic Support Products

Our chiropractic support products include:

  • Ice packs. Our reusable ice packs provide relief for painful and inflamed joints, as well as muscle spasms and injuries. Just chill the ice pack in a freezer and wrap it in a cover when you’re ready to use it. Applying to the inflamed or painful area for 10 to 15 minutes should work wonders.
  • Lumbar cushions. Have you always struggled with your posture? If you’ve recently undergone a chiropractic adjustment for back pain, the last thing you want is to revert to your old ways. A great way of ensuring your back stays upright and well-supported is by investing in lumbar cushions. Lumbar cushions are made from Memory Foam and are ergonomically designed to provide ultimate support for your spine or back.
  • Knee support pillows. Knee support pillows cushion painful knees and ensure proper knee, pelvic, and hip alignment while you sleep, thus alleviating strain on joints.
  • Back support cushions. These hold up your lower spine, whether you’re driving your car or sitting on your office chair, thus improving your posture and relieving strain.
Supportive Products in Tyrone, GA

We also stock seat wedges for reducing hip and back strain, joint supports for knees and ankles, Metagenics & Standard Process Supplements.

Investing in the right chiropractic support products empowers you to enjoy years of pain-free and comfortable living. Should you wish to own any of our chiropractic support products, don’t hesitate to call us.

Membership Plans

Bronze Package


  • Pay for 12 adjustments in advance and receive a 5% Discount on each adjustment.
  • You Receive: 12 adjustment @ $66.50 each; 1 PA ($50) and 12 Therapies ($120) Total Saved = $212; Total Due = $798.00
  • 1 Progress Assessment at $50
  • 12 Therapies for $120
  • This comes to a total cost of $798.00 which translates into savings of $212
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Silver Package


  • Our Silver Package allows you to pay for 25 adjustments in advance and receive a 10% Discount on each adjustment.
  • You Receive: 25 adjustments @ $63.00 each; 2 PA’s ($100) and 25 Therapies ($250) Total Saved: $525; Total Due = $1575.00
  • 2 Progress Assessments for $100
  • 25 Therapies at a total cost of $250
  • Your total expenditure for the Silver Package comes to $1575.00 with an impressive savings amount of $525
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Gold Package


  • Pay for 50 adjustments in advance and receive a 20% Discount on each adjustment.
  • You Receive: 50 adjustments @ $56.00 each; 4 PA’s ($200) and 50 Therapies ($500) Total Saved: $1400; Total Due = $2,800.00
  • 4 Progress Assessments for $200
  • 50 therapies at a combined cost of $500
  • The total cost comes to $2,800.00 which translates into mega savings of $1400
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